FARMCEUTICA is a premium cannabinoid Ingredient provider and fulfillment partner f or the UK and other strategic EU markets.

Focused On

cultivation and extraction partnerships, production and strategic sales distribution channels.

Signed Contracts

supplying top UK-based manufacturing brands with established retail relationships in wellness and pharmaceuticals.

Deploying Nanotechnology

for formulation of new products and private label offerings with proprietary delivery technology.

Leveraging Current Manufacturing Facilities

and established access to other key manufacturing assets. Established global distribution channels from North America to Europe.

Distribution Channels

Direct manufacturers, wholesalers and established retail brands.

Business Model

White label and bulk wholesale offerings for just-in-time delivery to free up working capital to our clients. Consistency in product quality and surety of supply.

Farmceutica Advantage

Offering top-quality products with no heavy metals or pesticides. Supply high purity 99%+ isolates and 90%+ distillates.

Integrity and Transparency

Full control over supply chain with total traceability of products, ensuring consistency of quality of product through third-party US and UK testing.


Our greenhouse-based supply provides full control of the environment of the hemp plant, for traceability and to ensure consistent product results.


Simplified single source for a full suite of products.


We strive to give our clients the confidence that their product will always be available and of consistent high quality.
We provide manufacturers and brands with the best quality cannabinoid ingredients allowing them to focus on running and growing their own business and not having to compete with their own Supply Group.
Seed to Shelf, we are The Dependable Ingredient Partner



Focused on sourcing and producing end-to-end fully integrated brand fulfillment at scale with full control over supply chain, total traceability of products, ensuring consistency of quality of product.


FarmCeutica provides a platform that enables speed and ease of market entry, whilst eliminating high cost of capital to build dedicated facilities for individual brands, and maintaining consistent product quality with custom product fulfillment. We also assist brands to secure all required regulatory licenses necessary.



We offer a range of premium products with no heavy metals or pesticides inclusive of high purity 99%+ isolates and 90%+ distillates. We offer a just-in-time supply service making sure our clients don’t prepay for their product before it is made or shipped. They only pay once the product has landed free-and-clear in the UK.

Our clients have active involvement and influence in our supply chain, down to the seed genetics. We can provide full chain-of-custody documentation on our product.

We have strategic and loyal lab partners that deliver consistently as we provide consistent raw materials that require minimum re-calibration batch after batch.

Our supply is greenhouse based. When you control the environment of the hemp plant, you can more easily control the results.


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